Schnauzers can be prone to skin problems as many of you may know.  Some of the common hair and skin issues are easily identifiable, like Schnauzer Comedone Syndrome, Seborrhea, or thyroid and gland problems, while others can remain a mystery.

Teddie, a Miniature Schnauzer who is 4 1/2 years old, has a lovely well mannered affectionate personality, but recently has developed two areas on her back where the soft haired coat has deteriorated revealing a coarse hair close to the skin.

The Vet has looked at it and is unsure what the cause may be and has had a culture done which came back negative. The Vet has said not to worry about the bald spot. Not knowing what is causing this hair loss/change is, by its nature, still a concern.

If you have any experience or tips on how to treat a bald spot or if you recognize the condition from the picture please tell us about it in the comment section below.

Teddy - Bald Spot

Bald Spot on Miniature Schnauzer

UPDATE: Some more flattering images of Teddie the Miniature Schnauzer…

Teddie's ears are perked like an attentive lil Schnauzer

Teddie the mini schnauzer standing on tile

Silver Mini Schnauzer - Teddie

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71 Responses to “Bald Spots on Mini Schnauzer’s Back”

  1. Caroline Edwards
    April 7th, 2010 at 9:51 am

    My mother’s schnauzer actually had bald spots on her back. The hair grew back in when they coincidentally switched from a metal water dish (I think it was aluminum, not stainless steel) to a plastic one. Different situation from Teddie since he’s losing the overcoat and not bald, but something to consider.

    As for schnauzer bumps (comedone syndrome), I noticed my 8-mo old pup seemed to be getting them (never officially diagnosed) over the winter when her coat was long. After the first spring haircut and some time outside, they cleared right up.

  2. I don’t know how to help Teddy, but I hope his hair grows back soon!

  3. I think I might be able to shed some light on Teddie’s hair issue! I recently adopted a mini schnauzer who came into rescue with bald spots on her rump. They said it was flea allergy dermatitis that caused her to lose her hair. When the fleas cleared up, the hair grew back. Chloe’s coat is very soft and pure silver, but the new hair on her rump was wirey,lots of brown in the mix and layed very flat.

    Schnauzers naturally have a wirey coat that gets “destroyed” with grooming with clippers. A show schnauzer has its coat manually “stripped” – which involves taking the soft undercoat out and encouraging the growth of the wirey coat. These dogs will have a wirey flat coated back – just like the spots on your dog’s back.

    For example: my mom’s 9 month old mini schnauzer puppy has an extremely wirey salt and pepper coat that has a fair amount of brown mixed in down the middle of his back. Over time – and many groomings, his coat will eventually take on a softer feel and turn more “grey” than salt and pepper.

    So, back to my theory. When a schnauzer’s hair grows back after a skin issue has caused the dog to lose its hair, it’s growing back as new schnauzer hair (just like a puppy). Naturally, that would be the breed’s wirey coat.

    I noticed that you keep Teddie long on his back. If you’d like to blend the new patches of hair and change its texture over time, I’d recommend getting him a schnauzer cut until the hair is clipped enough to change its texture to match the rest of the soft hair on his back. If you don’t have these patches clipped, they will not take on the same texture and color as the rest of the dog’s back.

    Chloe has been groomed 3 times since her wirey hair grew back in, and while it is slightly more wirey than her soft silky hair – it is barely noticeable now. The brown coloring is gone, too.

    No idea what caused Teddie to lose his hair, but I think this is the explanation for the new hair and its funny texture.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. My 2 1/2 year old schnauzer has the same condition. It began just 2 weeks ago. His hair was a soft light liver color and he is growing a splotchy course dark chocolate area on his back. See

  5. The vet says that his skin and hair growth is healthy. My groomer said that this happens for Schnauzers sometimes. I think it might be a breeding glitch.

  6. When we adopted Dirk (miniature + standard) from a Schnauzer rescue facility three years ago, he had those “bumps” down his back. We started feeding him food and treats without wheat, and the bumps have never re-surfaced. If he doesn’t have an allergy or sensitivity to wheat, I’d be surprised. No bald spots yet. I hope Teddie’s hair comes back. Good luck!

  7. My schnauzer’s hair is still turning dark. It’s very interesting. How is Teddie doing? Are his spots getting larger?

  8. i am so, so happy to see these pictures of teddie!! i have been trying to find out what is going on with lola for weeks!! she has spots that look just like teddie’s! and a few more are coming in… all along the rear of her back. i was worried it may be a thyroid thing since she is pretty hefty, but her thyroid was checked last year and it was fine…

    i want her to look normal again!!!

  9. My silver miniature just started this summer having the exact spots that Teddie does. She never lost the hair in the spots and since she is 7 years old, I don’t think it is a grooming issue. I took her to t he vet and spent 140 dollars having tons of blood work done and all came back normal. The vet has no idea what is wrong. I am going to give her a healthy coat vitamin that you can make yourself and add to the food. It is 1 C each of Brewers Yeast, Lecithin granules and Kelp powder. Just add 1-2 teaspoons daily.

  10. Our schnauzer Butch had the same spots. The groomer told me to take him off wheat, and just like Dirk, they cleared right up. ANYTIME he gets into something with just a bit of wheat in it, he breaks right out and loses a patch of hair. He digs and digs at them. We use neosporin on them to help him get through it. You’d be suprised…most treats and food have wheat or wheat gluten in them because it’s a good cheap filler.

  11. A tablet of brewers yeast may help…we always used it for our cats and ive given it to my mini Tucker. He gobbles it right up like a treat. Word of advice though…dont buy it in the pet isle, buy it in the “people” vitamin isle, there is no difference in formula its just less expensive when its not marketed for pets. It promotes healthy skin and hair.

  12. Hi
    I have a standard schaunzer Maggi-Marie who is 6 years old.
    She has bald spots every spring on her hips that are quite large…
    she looses her fur completly in the spots and it grows back
    in last August/September. My vet said that he saw it in Boxers and it could be hormonal. She is very active – about 45 lbs and very healthy…her skins is black so her spots look like black fur. I wouldn’t trade her even with her sprng bald spots – to say the least it is quite a conversation piece!!!!!

  13. So glad i came to this site. My SS came out with a spot just like this. I accused my husband of shaving that spot but he denied it. We have been waiting for the hair to grow back but not happening. What is the dog food that doesn’t have wheat for a filler? I don’t want this to spread, Nick the Prince is so beautiful and looked embarrassed when I asked him about that spot. These are perfect dogs, I’ve never been so happy with a dog as I am Nick. I just want the best for him. Thanks for all the letters about this.

  14. My Miniature Schnauzer is 15 weeks old. She is on Eukanuba(there is wheat in) and I gave her a few drops Frontline 2 weeks ago. She has the same bald spots as Teddie. What do I do?

  15. What a joy to find this site. I have three mini schnauzers and my sister has one from the line. They all have recently had these spots on their back grow in. They never lost hair but they are very prominant spots of darker guard hairs on their backs. I changed all of their food about three months ago and am wondering if that could be the culprit. My male is a SP aged 3 years, my two females are mother and daughter, the mom being 5 years and the daughter 1 year. Her brother is the other schnauzer. My 3 yr. old male is from a completely different line and not related at all to the other 3. It must be the food since they all started getting the darker hair spots around the same time. I will keep posting after I change their food and if I see any relults.

  16. I am SO relieved to find this site!! My little 1.5 year old schnoodle has developed the same exact spots as Teddie in the last 3 weeks. It originally started with one small spot right between his shoulder blades and now that original spot has grown to about 3-4″ and it seems like his hair all on top of his spine is turning… I went to the vet immediately, and had the same exact puzzled results from them after spending lots, just like the others…
    The only thing I can think about is that we switched his food to all natural, Natures Made small bites. It doesn t have any wheat though, it has brown rice. He used to get chef michael’s filet mignon but seemed to be getting tired of it, wouldnt eat much etc… Now his eating is back to normal but he’s losing his softest hair… Some people say that schnauzers go through a phase like that, is that possible?

  17. Hello my name is eric and I’m trying to see what can i with my schnauzer because his color is black buy his been changing to brown all his body no spot just changed color to brown up to his neck his head is still black so if you can help me with anything please e-mail me or letg me know in the comments thanks and love For the schnauzer

  18. I too am thrilled I found this site! Amos, my 3 year old mini schnauzer had two hot spots near his tail and when the hair came back in, it looks like he has a beard on his bottom! He is predominantly silver with a small amount of white on his beard and chest. He is quite beautiful, but those spots on his bottom just scream “look here”!

    I feed Natural Balance for the “less waste” property, but will check the ingredients for wheat. He also has the bumps on his back that flair up. I keep him in a puppy cut with the hair about an inch long all over. Lately, he has seemed to have dry skin, so I started giving him a tablespoon of coconut oil each feeding and he loves it.

    Thanks for bringing this up because my vet also didn’t have any idea what the strange hair growth was about.

  19. So glad to find this site. My salt & pepper miniature schauzer recently developed gold spots on his back (no balding though)that have a totally different texture than the rest of his fur. I am going to try some of the suggestions on this site to see if his hair comes back looking like it used to.

  20. it happen to my dog too. it was the frontline! .

  21. I found your site while looking for answers to why my toy poodle had lost hair on her back – that was growing in light brown instead of apricot. So far no answers from the vet. She has food allergies and eats only science diet zd ultra. So confusing! No itching. Does not use frontline- Jo fleas. ??????

  22. My 3 year old rescue Mini Schnauzer Elvis the Pest has recently developed some weird bald-ish spots on his back. We went from Southern California to Tennessee for 3 weeks, i changed his food abruptly (from Canidae and Chicken Soup for the Dog’s Soul – chicken and rice, no fillers) to Newman’s own from the grocery store, with some Beneful soft food mixed in. He had a consistently soft (wiry but soft) upper Salt and Pepper coat and a black undercoat. Suddenly within a week or two, his upper coat showed changes. He now has 3 spots on his back where it is has fallen out and there is just the black undercoat. I wondered if it was a weather change since we went to a colder climate and it’s Fall, or his food, or something else. I am really worried about it. It looks like moulting, which is what birds do. I will go to the groomer and get his regular Schnauzer cut which is stripped and flush across his whole back, he is on his regular food again, but is this normal?? I hope he isn’t sick!! I have never seen him go through this before. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. He looks just like Teddy in the pictures. Thank you for any advice.

  23. MY 1 year old mini is experiencing the same THING! I JUST WANT HIS NORMAL HAIR BACK. He seems to act the same as always and I am feeding him blue buffalo lamb and rice. He has been on it for 3 mmonths and no change. Did you ever figure this out?

  24. My schnauzer had this and it went away without doing anything different.

  25. My 7 month mini schnauzer seams healthy except her hair is going brown
    she was pepper and salt .Her hair is breaking off you can pull it out.
    This is strange as schnauzers do not loose their hair can any one tell me what to do

  26. My Standard Schnauzer, Mieke, developed bald spots – circular bald spots. She had one a year ago and it finally grew back in. This year the spot was even bigger and more than one appeared. I did some research and discovered that dogs can develop a fungus called ringworm that will cause baldness. I took her to the vet and he checked her for parasites – negative. He then treated her for an allergy but also at my request pulled some hairs from the bald area and dropped them in a test tube of agar to see if anything grew. It takes a good 2 weeks to grow the culture, but a very BRIGHT RED fungus culture grew. She is now on Ketoconizole pills for 30 days and I have to put Miconizole cream on the affected areas. I also went on Amazon and found an Antiseptic and Antifungal shampoo by Synergy Labs that is made for dogs. She has been on the pills and cream for 2 weeks and I can already see hairs growing back in! One note of caution – any fungus is contageous to other animals and humans!

  27. Help, I have a 3 year old standard Schnauzer and he has developed semetrical bald spots on the hind area. I thought it was thyroid so took him to the vet for blood work to test for this. Expensive and it came back blood picture perfect. Riley has suffered with reocurring ear infections and so I figured alergies to food. Took him off of poultry and he hasn’t had any more ear infections. I don’t know what to do about the hair loss it seems to be getting worse…. any replies or experience with this that can help me would be greatly appreciated. Riley is a beautiful dog and I just want to make sure he isn’t in any danager health wise. Any food recommendations greatly appreciated HELP PLEASE

  28. so i know this is a schnauzer website but my shih tzu/pomeranian chloe has the same problem. it started out as a bald spot on her side and then the hair grew back darker than her chocolate brown color and it lays flatter than the rest of her coat. then i noticed there were more dark spots like this popping up on her sides and butt. now she is losing her soft topcoat and is just left with the wiry undercoat. I have no idea what is causing it. i’ve been to the vet three times to no avail. also, i use the flea/heartworm medication on her i get from the vet (k9 advantix i think) and she is somehow still getting fleas and i’m wondering if this is somehow contributing to the problem. i am about to shave her because she is starting to look rediculous. other than the hair problem, she is perfectly healthy and happy…..

  29. My 9 month old minature schnauzer has the exact same thing as Teddy. The pictures look identical to her spots. About three weeks ago, they just appeared one day. My groomer has no idea what it is. I haven’t taken her to the vet because I thought maybe she had brushed up on a pesticide outside or something and it would grow out. After my groomer had no idea is when I starting researching and found Teddy’s pictures. It has to be the exact same thing! It must be a genetic condition for minature schnauzers or something. I just pray she doesn’t get anymore, because it is messing up her beautiful salt and pepper coat! I thought about shaving the spots to see if the hair grows back normal, but am afraid either it won’t grow back at all or it will grow back worse looking. Not sure what to do from here. I may seek advice from my vet and show him Teddy’s pictures. If I get any answers I will post them.

  30. My 9 month old schnauzer Gracie has the exact same thing. I was going to take her to see our vetinarian but decided to call our breeder to find out her thoughts. Our breeder has a wealth of knowledge. Her name is Judy Souza and very involed in the American Kennel Club of Northern California Minature Schnauzer. She also is a groomer. I am curious to see what she says.

  31. My cousin’s white schnauzer (the dog they had received from us, we had a litter) had this happen after they used an cheaper brand of flea and tick spot treatment. It was applied at 1 yr old, now she’s 5 and the spot of fur is still wire-y and slightly discolored from the rest of her. We now just consider it a quirk, though unfortunate.

    -I know some of you may say that a white schnauzer isn’t a schnauzer, but her grandmother and grandfather were a platinum color, her parents were both black and she’s stayed snow-white all these years. We expected her to darken.

    ^Pat from above; I’m not sure about the breaking of the fur but color change of the fur is quite normal as they mature- even human hair- many people don’t have the same color hair as they were when they were 3 years old.

  32. We just took our schnauzer to the vet for this same problem. He had some scabs on his back and when they came off, so did his hair, including more hair around where the scab was. The doctor told us it is Comedone syndrome or “schnauzer back”. He gave us some exfoiliating shampoo to use more frequently at first, then once a week for 4 weeks. He couldn’t tell us if his hair will ever be normal again.

  33. My white schnauzer developed the reddish patches of fur on her back recently. Took her to the vet for blood work which came back clear. The vet did further research and determined it is gilding syndrome and nothing to worry about. Hope this helps!

  34. Goodness. My schnoodle, Fenway has exactly the same patches on his back. He is 7yo and has never had any skin issues. I took him to the vet and she took a scraping and although she didnt find any “mites” she said it might be a bacteria infection on his skin. She gave me some pills and a medicated shampoo that I leave on Fenway for 10-15 mins each night. Just two days as after I started this routine the hair has already started growing back, but the texture has changed. For the most part because he half mini schnauzer & half mini poodle his hair is soft and slightly curly. This new nair is wiry, which is fine to me. As a precaution since I heard that both poodles and schnauzers are prone to allergies, I changed his food from “blue buffalo small breed” to Blue buffalo Freedom grain-free small breed” and his treats also. Time will tell….

  35. Well I am a groomer and believe it or not I have never seen this but Ive got a Standard Schnauzer Harry about 6 weeks ago we noticed what looked like a black circle we thought it was black hair at first but it was his skin totally bald about the size of a 5p. Then 2 weeks ago we noticed another one and then his hair roumd about the black round spots looked like it was thinning and his coat was looking patchy. So like most of you on the site we visited the vet last night he ook a blood test (expensive) results today show everything clear wasnt thyroid as the vet thought it might be. He said he had seen this on boxers and labs but not on a schnauzer. We have to monitor it now (hopefully it will go away) but I have my doubts and would like a reason for this suddenly appearing. I feel a bit better after reading all the other stories but still a bit worried. Harry’s breeder is going to a dog show at the weekend and is going to ask about she has never seen this either. Harry is 3yr old in September and was castrated last December. This makes me wonder if its his hormones that are upset and causing a problem with the hair growth cycle. I am now off to see if any of my groomer suppliers have any special shampoos that might help. But I am open to any information anybody else finds. The wheat theory is interesting so off to check his food as well. Here’s to happy Schnauzer hair growth. There has to be an answer somewhere. I HOPE.

  36. Hi – did you ever get a fix for Teddy? My mini just developed the same problem. I called by breeder who said she thinks it is coming from Frontline or the switch from Interceptor to Iverhart.

  37. I feel loads better after reading these comments (now I know its nothing I have done)my Schnauzer is nearly four and he has huge patches on his back…..started off really small but they have spread…Ive been so worried about him…..My groomer has been on maternity leave so he has gone a little longer than normal for his cut….He is well in himself and still a happy chappy…..Im just hoping and praying all our dogs hair grows back,,,

  38. Our schnoodle Clio, developed spots exactly like teddies. She is silver/white normally, but while we were on holidays in BC she developed the same spots. At first I thought she brushed up against some black grease, but when I rubbed the spot her fluffy hair came off in a clump and the shot brown hair was left behind. We had never used advantix or any other flea treatment and she has never had fleas, but did get them while on holidays. She also snuck some of my mom’s dog’s food, so I thought it could be a reaction to that. I took her to the vet as soon as we got home and the vet said it might be stress induced. We have since treated her for fleas cut her beautiful hair and now the spots are spreading even more. So sad for her it looks like she is morphing into a short wire-haired dog. :( I will try changing her food to a no wheat, but not sure what else to do. Praying her lovely coat comes back and it does not spread anymore. I will see if the vet can check for a fungus as someone mentioned.

  39. My mini shelby has the same spots too. The bald spots appear to be caused by hetvhewing and licking,but she does have bumps under these spots she is chewing. Thebumps have what looks like a puncture in the middle. My vet thought possibly a bug bites that she has been chewing. He suggested benedryl 25mg 2tabs every 8 hours. I pair this with moving her head aeay from the areas and the bumps that are not bald are bot getting worse and the one with ahealed bump is growing hair back. It is interestong because I also just changed food a few months ago to hills science diet. If it dies not keep getting better I will change food. Good luv

  40. Thanks for all the comments. It’s helped big time. My miniature schnauzer Bella started changing coloured to brown tinge and then we noticed dark spots which actually turned out to be her skin as she was balding. No redness or scabs, not sore to touch & she is still super happy. Best dog / breed we’ve ever had!! On one side it looks like the superman “S” & the othe side just round spots. We thought it was the house move as we’ve noticed she suns herself so much more at the new house………. But I think Andrea on 2 July (above) may be onto something as Gilding Syndrome sounds exactly on the money. Will contact the breeder & vet, but researching Gilding Syndrome says it may take years to rectify itself. Interesting reading. was helpful.

  41. Our 12 year old silver schnauzer is getting some brown spots of hair on her neck and back. We do use Frontline and vet did change her heartworm. She eats K-D food from vet. Any ideas?

  42. My dog had spots on his back that looked almost exactly like that. My vet said it was Schnauzer Gilding Syndrome. I think that is exactly what it is for you too. You can do a Google search on it and yeah, it says it will last for a couple years. My vet said the same thing. I was worried it was something I was feeding him, but now. According to my vet it mostly affects Salt and Pepper Schnauzers. Which my Auggie is.

  43. I have an 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer named Zach. He is allergic to 11 types of grass and shrubs. I’ve also had him tested for food allergies. Nothing in the food group came back with high sensitivities. I already give him allergy shots every 21 days. But for the last year he has been miserable – scratching almost non-stop. His dermatologist has repeatedly placed him on steroids and other medicine to treat the symptoms but we can’t find the cause. He is already eating Limited Ingredient dog food (Venison and Sweet Potato). He has an area on his side (near the rump) that is about 2 inches by 6 inches and it is completely bald. Also, he under layer of hair is almost non-existent. So, his skin is seen easily through the top layer of hair. I feel so bad for him. His dermatologist has no idea what could be causing this.

  44. Sure, same symptons seem to be occuring to my schnauzer, did any of you solved this fur issue? how did you do that.

  45. My 11 year old mini Schnauzer had sudden hair loss in a strip down his back, with two areas being most prominent, a 4 inch long section by the tail, and a smaller area near the shoulder blades. He doesn’t use a flea topical. Vet did blood work, which showed slight hypothyroidism, which can cause hair loss, and it is common in older dogs and Schnauzers, so definitely spend the money if possible to have that checked out. He takes meds now twice a day for that. The hair is growing back, but like others is brown and wiry. He is mostly silver so he looks funny, but otherwise seems to be improving.

  46. I’m very glad to see that people are talking about this because I’m at my wits end with this. I have two salt and pepper sisters, Angel and Maci, they are about 3 years old. They started off so beautiful and they still are in my eyes but not to many others… They have the worst skin problems I have ever seen in my life. We have been to the vet, of course and have spent thousands of dollars on shampoos, steroids, different grooming treatments, atopica, Benadryl, antibiotics, and different types of foods. My girls are worse than ever today! Angel has only one small strip of hair down the middle of her back and the rest of her back is hard skin with scabs (due to her excessive chewing til she bleeds) there is a hard yellow scabby looking layer that I can’t get off her back now. I have to keep tshirts on them so that people don’t stare. If there is a vet or anyone out there that may know what I need to do from here I would be forever grateful. My dogs are so miserable , my husband and I have even discussed putting them down which totally breaks my heart. Please help!

  47. Our 10 month old mini schnauzer puppy has just developed these brown hair spots on her back. First there were 2 now, there are 4. Her sire was a liver color so were at first thought she could be becoming his color instead of the dark salt and pepper she has been. Now, we don’t know what to do. I guess we will start at the vet’s office.

  48. my 5 year old mini Schnauzer just developed this exact spot on his back and getting bigger. My 4 vets have no idea what it is…they have never seen this before. They have all degrees from UC Davis. They took 3 biopsies from the spots. Amazing with all these comments there has not been a real diagnosis. I’m so happy there is this website…I will continue to put comments as I find out more. I will even contact UC Davis.

  49. My 2 yr old mini Schnauzer had similar problems. I changed her food and treats to those with no wheat, corn, or soy. She would keep us up at night scratching and rubbing her rear against the bed frame. She started losing her hair along the rear where she rubbed and I could see there were bumps all along her rear back. I bought Wal-Mart brand jock itch cream (an anti-fungal) and rubbed it all along her back. Within a few days it cleared up and her hair started returning; however, it came in wiry and black. She was all black as a puppy with a tiny bit of white but then changed to a silver grey. It seems like the black hair area is getting bigger and other places are turning black also, without the hair loss.

  50. Our vet said the hair folical has been damaged and it may or may not ever be her normal dark color. I’m thinking about dying that patch! LOL not really.

  51. Myb8 yr old mini schnauzer has had several boutsvofv’schnauzer bumps’. I now keep medicated pads (the kind that teens use for zits) & I simply go down the centre of my dog’s back where the bumps are & do this every other day til the bumps ‘dry up’ and disappear!

  52. I’ve been looking for an answer and think this is the closest one I’ve got so far. I have a 2yr old Apricot Toy Poodle and just a few days ago when I was bathing him I’ve notice a patch of hair fell off and got left with a dark hair spot on his back (near his side/shoulder) so that worried me a lot. After I dried him the dark hair spot was still there and the hair surrounding that area is thinner and can see hair is missing. He has not sign of scrapes and he’s not itchy at all. I’ve tried that mange test where you scratch his ear and what not, but he didn’t try to scratch himself so I doubt he has mange. He’s been very active and eats well. I’ve noticed all of you guys dogs breed is schnauzer. Mine is poodle although when I bought him the breeder told us his dad was the only register one and his mom wasn’t I’m guessing because she wasn’t full breed and had a mix I’m wondering if her mix is schnauzer and this can cause my dogs hair problem. Also I can see my dog might not be full poodle since his hair isn’t as curly as most poodles are. anyways think I’ll just take my dog to the vet even though I’m afraid I might just spend tons of money on tests and for them to not know what’s wrong, but better be safe than sorry right? Well in case they don’t find a reason for his hair change I now know he’s not the only one with this hair problem and if all your guys dogs are fine and made it through so should mine :)

  53. No worries, My dog lost most of her hair on her back when we first got her, Her hair grew back the exact same way. We feed her a high omega 3 food and slipped in a fish oil pill for skin care and now looks great! We think poor diet and stress may have been a part of it.
    All good now,Misia

  54. My 3 year old Schnauzer has the same thing. I found the PDF in here very helpful. Apperas the condition is named Acquired Aurotrichia (“Gilding Syndrome”) of Miniature Schnauzers.

  55. Both my Scnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle Mis) and Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix) have just got this exact same condition and our vet did all blood tests which came out normal. He took a skin culture and two weeks laer it was showed up as Ringworms which is a contagious fungal infection. My cockapoo was the first to get this and a week later my scnoodle. They are both now on medication and medicated shampoos to clear the condition. He says their fur should start to grow back in their normal shade in 4 weeks. So I would suggest for anyone who’s dog has this to do the culture swab for testing. Our vet thinks they could have contracted this from the groomers as both my dogs gave not been exposed to it her dogs and the kn,y way to get this is by direct contact with other dogs. If the grooming clippers are not sterilized between grooms, they can be affected that way.

  56. The picture of Teddie is gilding and not ringworm. There is nothing you can do about it and it’s hereditary. Breeders that have dogs with this are not supposed to be breeding their dogs. It will eventually clear up on it’s own. clues are thinning of the fur (which some people are calling bald spots), with coarse hair present and a yellowish colouration to the fur (hence the common name gilding)and absolutely no other signs and symptoms present.

  57. I have a miniature schnauzer which was black with brown spots and grey in his coat. now he is losing that and I thought it was from him playing with my 11 yr old schnauzer. The shorter hair underneath is tan and in face area white plus in some of the tan areas I can see some silver. I am going to bring him to my groomer and see what she says because my vet don’t know. I would think a vet would know, what’s up with that? It looks as though it may be his second coat?

  58. Well my schnauzer is 7 years old. She started out with a bald spot(no hair at all)on one side. we took her to the vet and yes he didn’t know what it was. Ton of blood work and creams and pills. Kind a grew back, but then here we go again. She looked like she had a Mohawk(hair down her spine and around her neck only). Vet said she was pulling it out. No she wasn’t, now wants to test for allergies.$$$$$.She is salt and pepper. No one knows what is happening. We changed diet ,shampoo ,and sprays. Tried lotions and even Fish oil. No gilding,ringworms and no Syndrom. We don’t give table scrapes either. Poor baby is almost necked from neck down. Her siblings don’t have this or her parents. We are really at a loss. Now that this has been going on for over two years, we are really stressed out. Glad to have found this page. Maybe can get more info here.

  59. We have a schnoodle (schnauzer poodle) with the same spots on his back. I appeared shortly after using the cheaper version of frontline from Walmart. We have him on a different flea and tick medication now because the other one didn’t work.that well anyway. Thanks for the insight!

  60. Hi – Any update on Teddie? My dog has the exact same hair loss. Thank you!

  61. My schnauzer Maya is 5, she is salt’n pepper and just like Tammy’s she started having these spots on the back right after I applied a topical Flea & Tick prevention from brand Hartz Ultra Guard, at same time I applied it to Layla a black schnauzer but she seems ok.
    Thanks for the the comments!

  62. My 10mo old mini schnauzer developed same wire hair like patches up her back that look just like this. What did you end up doing for treatment and I noticed updated picture they are gone. What can I expect to happen to get ride of patches? Thanks!

  63. My six-year-old schnoodle’s back is identical to Teddie’s. Ziggy started with one small dark brown spot which grew in size and length and now has two more running right down the center of his back. His pretty soft wavy white/ lt grey hair has been replaced with short, flat wiry brown hair where the spots are. He’s been to two vets and neither have a clue. He’s taken a course of antibiotics which didn’t help and he had his thyroid tested which was normal. The spots don’t itch, there’s no broken skin, or bumps and he is not bothered when you touch or rub them. My next step was to have a pricey and probably painful skin biopsy but I think I’m going to hold off until someone can give me a more definitive diagnosis. I’m really glad that I found this site because at least I know there are other’s with this breed who have the identical problem. If anyone gets any new information please update and I certainly will.

  64. My four-year old cream colored miniature poodle mix has developed six or seven spots – some as big as a quarter – where the hair has fallen out and grown in as straight brown hair in a different texture. He doesn’t seem bothered by the spots but they are very noticeable. My vet has said it could be SA but he doesn’t have flaking or itching. She suggested I wait for a couple months and see if he improves before doing a skin biopsy. He has always eaten science diet – going to try science diet for healthy skin to see if that helps.

  65. I am so relieved to find this post. My 2 year old schnoodle just developed a 4 inch by 2 inch patch on his back that is that brown wire hair like a schnauzer. He developed these patches in 4 days. The vet didn’t find anything physically wrong with him and couldn’t explain why it happened. She said a skin biopsy could be done if it becomes a problem but she doesn’t recommend.

  66. We have a female wheaten/platinum mini schnauzer who’s skin was pink when we got her at 8 weeks. It started turning a very dark gray after several weeks but as this happened one spot o her shoulder stayed pink and went hairless. After the better part of the rest of her first year (maybe even shortly after turning a year) the color finally turned to match the rest of her body, and hair finally came in, only it was thick, course, and a reddish brown/tan color. After I think 2 clipping sessions now since then it has all but disappeared, however, soon after clipping several sparsely populated course hairs stick out over her soft coat, and come in white (platinum), black, and that same reddish color with the reddish one being the most common of the three. Less concerned over the spot now that it has filled in, and more curious to know what these course hairs mean for her color. I know because I am clipping we are not getting her true coat color. And I swear she had a few banded hairs, especially near her eyes, when we got her. Her Dad is Platinum, and Mom is Black and Silver. I am considering letting her hair grow out quite a bit to allow time for more of her top coat to come in, possibly even to hand strip once just to see what her true coat color looks like. It seems SO strange to me. I know her color is not standard regardless, and we never had intentions of showing her, but possibly breeding her (I just got a lovely salt and pepper male!) for pet puppies. She is a good size (14 tall, by about 15-15.5 long and 18 lb of solid muscle!) and I hope the new guy turns out big too (he was the biggest in his litter) so if we do breed them we can hope to get some good size pups for loving homes!

  67. We just noticed today a discoloration of brown on the lower back of my baby Shnauzer who is almost 4 years. It looks exactly like pic of Teddy and is very corse in texure and soft hair just fell out… any news or other knowledge on what it is or how to treat it? As vets are hopeless and it’s costly! Any feedback is appreciated.

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