Schnauzers are just like any other dog and, as such, will have frequent visits to the vets throughout their life time. As a result, it’s easy to argue the importance of the right vet. Whether it’s a check-up or an important operation, a good vet will ease your worries and do everything to keep your […]

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Walking – Don’t let your dog walk ahead of you. If he is ahead of you on a walk, he will walk all over you in all other areas of your relationship! Loose Leash – Always walk your dog on a loose leash. Tension on a leash can cause frustration which may be taken out […]

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A friend named Peter Christensen of has recently put together a great page for Schnauzer Bumps or Comedone Syndrome. I really wish I would have had this information sooner in Oskar’s life, as he has one of these bumps & I didn’t know what it was. Here’s what Peter has to say about his great new […]

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Hi friends, Please check out Pet Blogs United for an update on my crazy stomach issues.  Link

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I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’m struggling with a couple of different health problems that are being very persistent.  All will be fine, I just need to muster through. If you’ve emailed me about being featured or if I’m supposed to review a product please be patient.  I will eventually get to you once […]

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People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals have stood on a soapbox pointing fingers at many for any multitude of perceived sins, but I have been aware of their many fabrications, misleading information & at times, out right lies. This New York Times article has some eye opening facts that you may want to consider before […]

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