Our Mini Schnauzer friend, Oskar B. from Louisiana, seems to have recovered nicely from his Mardi Gras partying days.

Oskar B, the Mini Schnauzer looking comfortable

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2 Responses to “Happiness Is a Warm Schnauzer”

  1. Oh, good grief – cute alert needed!! Our ear-drums are almost pierced from the shrieks that FH emitted at this photo. Okay, we admit that Oskar is kinda cute, he he he! Do you sit like this Kaiser? Both of us like to snuggle our human this way too – we wondered if it’s a schnauzer thing! And love the title of this post by the way – wise words indeed! :) Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. Another Oskar!! He is also very handsome!

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