People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals have stood on a soapbox pointing fingers at many for any multitude of perceived sins, but I have been aware of their many fabrications, misleading information & at times, out right lies.

This New York Times article has some eye opening facts that you may want to consider before supporting PETA.

Among some of the most interesting facts are that PETA kills on average 2,000 cats & dogs in their Norfolk, Virginia facility annually.

The same facility has ridiculous numbers when it comes to adopting out animals. In 2012 they adopted out only 19 cats & dogs  & in 2011 that number was 24.

Please do your research & investigate the record of any animal rescue organization before giving them your well earned dollars.

I welcome your comments that may have a different viewpoint on PETA than I do, but any disrespectful comments will be deleted.

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