We elected to leave the hair on top of his head a bit longer than standard to keep his puppy look.  Usually the top of the head is buzzed short on a Miniature Schnauzer.  The traditional cut includes closely trimmed back, neck, ears, throat and chest. The Schnauzer’s signature eyebrows and beard remain long, as well as the hair on the belly and legs.

Official AKC Guide to the Miniature Schnauzer Trim

AKC Schnauzer Facial Hair

http://www.flickr.com/photos/montanapets/ / CC BY-NC 2.0

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24 Responses to “New Schnauzer Haircut”

  1. Hi Kaiser – you look very handsome with your new haircut! We’re two miniature schnauzer brothers who are 5 months old – we’re due to get our first proper haircut in a month. We both love the groomers – our humans have taken us there a couple of times to get us used to it and we love it, we get fussed and cuddled and we both get treats for being good puppies – it’s such good fun! Glad you’re feeling better now, sending tail wags your way – JD and Max.

  2. Hi

    Love your Kaiser. I have a 6 month old schnauzer called Kingston, who had his first proper Schnauzer cut yesterday. He IS very, very cute but looks more mature and I do prefer his fluffy puppy look. Hopefully his hair grows back soon :) and then I am going to ask the groomer to leave his face and ears more fluffy in future. I presume this is ok ? I am not going to show him so don’t think he needs to have the ‘proper’ cut ? What’s your opinion.


  3. Hi Brad

    Not sure how to load a pic – I am a bit (or a lot) technologically challenged, but send me an email address and I’ll forward 2 pics of Kingston pre-haircut :) I am getting more used to his new look, but am measuring the growth every day :) I was googling Schauzers this morning and read that if the ears are cropped then they become erect, which Kingston’s are and it looks as if they droop when not trimmed ? If this is the case, then I am going to let the hair grow on his ears because I love his droopy ears :) Will take a pic of him post-cut and email this to you as well. I also love his name although my family, in particular son and husband have shortened Kingston to ‘Kinky’ and this is not ok ! When his coat was long, it had a slight kink to it so the name seems to have stuck.


  4. Gracias esto lo nesesito para mi pequena

  5. i have a nine mo. old minature –sammie –and he is indeed a show puppy

  6. Hi my name is Teresa, I have a miniature schnauze r, at least that’s what I was told a year ago when I paid an embarrassing amount of money for him, I suffer with arthritis and really wanted a smaller dog, he is a very sweet boy and such a little character and after completing all of his vacines he got parvo and survived and seemed to come thru ok , except he is all white and is about 17 inches at the shoulder and weighed 25 lbs months ago, like myself, I’m afraid to weigh him again, I do love him so, but every time I let look at him I feel ripped off, I was assured that he was MINIATURE.Is he possibly a mini, just on the huge side, should I confront this woman I purchase d him from ???

  7. Teresa,
    If he is of good proportions and fairly recovered (you are fortunate) I wouldn’t worry. You might call the breeder and just talk to her/him about your concerns. Many reputable breeders will give partial refunds if there are “complications” after the purchase.
    Our Jasper was a “foundling” and the vet said he was approximately 5 years old and 21 to 23 lbs (not sure of his height) and for his build was proportional. Remember males tend to be smaller than the females. I personally think that any smaller dog could be a tripping hazard. We love the larger mini size since they are small enough to sit in a lap and big enough to get around in the snow, small enough to ride in a bicycle basket and big enough to not get lost in the grass on a walk, and can leap into an SUV in a single bound!

  8. Teresa,
    Sorry MALES TEND TO BE LARGER THAN FEMALES. It is way below 0 today and my brain is frozen.

  9. I just rescued a mini schnauzer from the shelter. She us very living and me and my son love her to death. She wash not groomed at all, her hair is very tangled n knotted. We are going to get her cut. I pray it turns out real good.

  10. Looking good- Kaiser

    I’m a mini schnauzer female rescued from a shelter. Whom ever cut my hair just shaved me no style at all (Guess they didnt get the memo about me being a diva) Me, my Mom & Dad, human sister& doogie brother can’t wait for my hair to grow back so I can get a proper haircut. Mom already has bows for my hair and I can’t wait to wear them.

  11. it would be nice to see a photo of the dog first my mini is also bigger then i expected, but its still a minischnauzer,email a pick of the dog

  12. Hi,
    I Have A 3 Year Old Salt And Pepper Platnum Silver Schnauzer!! She Is A Great Addition To Our Family!! :]] We All Love Her And Were Glad To See How A Haircut Should Look!! Her Name Is Princess,And She Is Verey Happy With Her Haircut!

  13. I am a single lady that has a schnauzer her name is Millie she is named after me Mieliena=Millie she is my love and pride she is like my child she is super cute she loves new hairstyles and wearing dresses last week she got married i had a dress made for her she got married to Mr. Mayor they were at Millies beach house in L.A for a week with her servent Minnielisia I have three beach houses for my baby one in l.a one in HollyWood and the other is on a privet site in L.V she likes her L.A house the best just becuase there is six doggy rooms for her and her friends and a minnie flat screen in each one any who her honeymoon went great! My little angel is a darling :)
    She is very cutie I hope there will be pups sooooooooooon ;)

  14. awwwwwww ive got a 2 month old shnouzer

  15. Don’t go to Petsmart for a Schnauzer do. They insist on leaving hair on the face behind the eye line. Their school teaches them that way. Look like a lions mane.

  16. good

  17. Hi Could someone please send me instructions on how to keep my schnauzer’s legs fluffy looking thick. My groomer just said cut the hair as you pull the hair upwards a little at a time. Ps. I don’t use this person as a groomer because Randy (my dog) came home a few times looking like he wasn’t trimmed up properly (some looking like razer blade scrapes). He also shook his head constantly, as if he had something in there. Upon looking into his ears we couldn’t find the source of it??

    Thanks, Jaklyn

  18. Lots of brushing and washing. when u blow them dry they fluff up. I have to put the dryer so its angled at the legs and brush… real pain, But they are worth it :)

  19. i take him to the groomers and let them groom him thee way he is to be groomed

  20. I took my baby boy (okay he was 10 weeks old haha) to the groomers and when he came back he was so precious!! However his haircut was not what is considered standard. So I have taken the sheers into my own hands! I was thankful to this site to show what the standard cuts and what angles are best. Soon I shall post photos of how he came back to me from the groomers and with time I can show you what I have personally done to make him more “standard”. I will say this though, no matter what his haircut (whether he was just a ball of fluff or whether he is cut to look more standard), he is more precious than I could have ever hoped for. As a breed, I couldn’t have asked for better!

    Momma of Liam,

  21. I have a 5 month old Schnauzer mix. I really want him to have the standard cut but I’m worried that if I cut the length off the gray under his black in some spots will show through. Is it ok to leave the body some what longer? I’m so confused and worried about getting it cut, I know he has to be getting hot with all this fur. Can someone give me some advise?

  22. In response to sriddle8, we have a
    Schnauzer/terrier mix and I have the same misgivings about haircuts.
    I keep looking at photos and can’t make a decision. But I know from a previous haircut, it grows back. Madison came to us pretty matted and we had to cut her hair short to remove them, but her hair grew in and she was cool all last HOT FL summer. Maybe we will do it again. She is our first dog and such a wonder, why didn’t we do this before?

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  24. There is a groomer on facebook using your photo as her profile picture. I just thought you should know because I think it is wrong for people to steal someone else’s work and pass it off as their own.


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