For those of you wanting a new way to pick up after your dog there is now the “PooTrap”.  If bending over with a plastic bag is too much work for you, you now have the option of strapping up your dog with an outfit that could make a dominatrix jealous.

I think the picture gives a pretty clear idea of how this contraption would work, but if you have questions on whether or not your Schnauzer would be humiliated by wearing the PooTrap, or you want to learn how insanely dangerous it is to our health to pick up dog feces then visit the FAQ’s.

This Schnauzer is getting ready to skydive, parasail, or poop?

This Schnauzer is getting ready to skydive, parasail, or poop?

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9 Responses to “Pootrap? Really?!”

  1. Jack the Black Mini Schnauzer from Bondi, Sydney here – I would be humiliated beyond belief to have one of those baggie things attached to my cute little toosh.

  2. It’s just WRONG is what it is! We’re thinking of setting up a petition or something! We wouldn’t stand for it…..! JD and Max.

  3. There are not words to express my disgust for this product. My mom person is laughing so loud that she’s crying.

  4. Oh yeah! I’d put this on my doggie! It’s funny! And i wouldn’t have to worry about picking up the poop. i would just put it on her in the morning and at night when she’s most likely to go poopys :)

  5. Dear lord my dog would be humiliated beyond all belief. She’d never use that thing, we’d be out there for hours.

  6. this is probably one of the best ideas ive ever heard. i cant wait to get one and my dog seems to be as stoked as i am

  7. Come on!!!! by the time u have strapped this contraption to the poor dog,you could have taken it out n cleaned the poop up with a bag and disposed of it,without all the pulaver!!

  8. My doG would not even go poop with it on he would scratch and bite and go crazy with it and never go poop and him and I both would be humiliated.

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