Schnauzers are just like any other dog and, as such, will have frequent visits to the vets throughout their life time.

As a result, it’s easy to argue the importance of the right vet. Whether it’s a check-up or an important operation, a good vet will ease your worries and do everything to keep your little Schnauzer safe and healthy. Such vets deserve to be rewarded and the Petplan Veterinary Awards (United Kingdom) do just that. In honour of this, it might be worth thinking about what makes a great vet, as their job is unique, needing both people and animal skills.

Petplan Schnauzer

Below you’ll find some opinions on what makes a great vet and how they can help your furry friend but if you already have such a vet, you can click here to nominate them at the Petplan website.

The five available categories are:

• Practice of the Year
• Vet of the Year
• Vet Nurse of the Year
• Practice Manager of the Year
• Practice Support Staff of the Year


A check-up can be a prime example of a great vet. Even a small check-up means a lot from the right vet and such actions deserve to be rewarded. If you think your vet does a great, even if you only ever visit for a regular check-up, then thank them for this by nominating them for the Veterinary Awards.


It’s also important for a vet to offer and explain their advice. If something happens to your beloved Schnauzer, you’re likely to want more than a solution. You’re likely want to know how it could have happened, if it will happen again and how you may be able to prevent it.

The industry’s best – those that deserve to be awarded – will be more than willing to take time out and explain this to you.

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