A friend named Peter Christensen of MySchnauzer.net has recently put together a great page for Schnauzer Bumps or Comedone Syndrome.

I really wish I would have had this information sooner in Oskar’s life, as he has one of these bumps & I didn’t know what it was.

Here’s what Peter has to say about his great new site:

Continuing my research on Schnauzer bumps, I believe I now have the most thorough, accurate information on the web. And I created a webpage just for it: Schnauzer-Bumps.info



Most of those I have met whose Schnauzers have mole-like bumps like you see in the picture didn’t notice them until they looked like that. But I suspect that their development could have been thwarted if they had checked regularly and found them in earlier stages of development.

Check out Schnauzer-Bumps.info for more information!

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One Response to “Schnauzer Bumps or Comedone Syndrome ~ Great New Site”

  1. Thanks for the info. I passed it on to my mom who is always fretting about our little Dexter’s bump. Our schnauzers we had growing up, had them too.

    Have you read “Following Atticus?” I was just thinking about Atticus, the schnauzer who has hiked more mountains than I will do in a lifetime. He’s going through chemo right now but there’s a wonderful book about him, and his human’s self-discovery. I too am recovering from a battle with tumors and my Dexter has been my best friend throughout my ordeal.

    Tom Ryan has a blog as well and I follow his updates on Facebook.


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