schnauzer-jasperWe discovered Jasper online this week after his recent visit to PetSmart turned him into a doggy celebrity in his hometown of Holly Springs, North Carolina.

The picture of him in his wheelchair is priceless.  He is smiling ear to ear and couldn’t be happier despite all that he has been through.

North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue has done a tremendous job caring for Jasper after he was given up by his original family.  After a troubling three-hour-long delivery he was administered CPR to stay alive.  With lots of energy and his special needs this five month old Mini Schnauzer will need the perfect home, and it sounds like he’ll have one shortly.  He’s a true champion at heart and we wish him the best in life!

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6 Responses to “Special Schnauzer Jasper”

  1. Yipee for Jasper… he’s like a Bionic Schnauzer!

    Kaiser, thank you for sharing!

    Nellie & Calvert

  2. Nellie & Calvert are right he is Bionic! I bet he’ll find a forever home really fast, he is priceless!

  3. Hi Kaiser – oh, we’re so pleased that you shared this inspiring and uplifting story on your blog! How wonderful is Jasper! We think he’s wonderful and he’s become our hero! After all – just look at his smile, he’s one handsome chap! Could we please ask – if you hear of a follow up story about him could you please post again about him? Thanks! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  4. Jasper you ROCK! My mini-schnauzer Viveka thinks you are cute! We’re glad that you found a family. After all, how can anyone resist your lovely eyes?

    Keep rollin’

  5. Did Jasper find a home? I want him! <3


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